MIKI MALÖR – Performance. Radical Theater.

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Baubo [logo]TITI IKOLI
On the History of Exposing the Vagina.

The wish is the FATHER of the thought.

The ‘Black Continent’ is neither black, nor unexplored; the only reason it has not been explored is because we are told it is too black to be able to be explored, and because we are still made to believe that we should only be interested in the ‘White Continent’ with all of its monuments that were erected to commemorate the ‘lack of something’.

Hélène Cixous

It always seems as if I had committed incest.

Jacques Derrida

What is the strongest man in the world in comparison with the strongest girl in the world!

Pippi Longstocking

An impertinence.

With David Ender, Jack Hauser, Amadeus Kronheim, Hannes Lengauer, Miki Malör
Pictures from Pornotopia Herbert Preyer-Bayer
Vaginal Collaboration Nora Scheidl, Ursi Tscherne, Sissi Nielson
Performances in the course of “PANDORA”
dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna
February 1998

TITI IKOLI is a part of ANIMA, a feminist performance cycle comprising four independent performances.

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